Sunday, 28 September 2014


For some reason I have recently decided to put myself through the torture of reading travel blogs. I have always followed a couple but after discovering some great bloggers (and scrolling through their archives) I now have an intense sense of wanderlust.

Where for? About a thousand places, well okay maybe that's an exaggeration but there is a lot of places I want to go and I don't seem to have the time - or money - to go there.

Russia is a place I want to visit desperately. After reading several books set there and reading numerous blog posts about different destinations I really want to go. I think the historical background of it all and the architecture makes the place special.

I also want to visit New York City, I have visited America before (for Disneyland when I was seven, I'm not sure if it quite counts) and I really want to visit the 'Big Apple' no thanks to Love Taza's New York City Guide.


I also want to visit Mexico. That happens to be a dream both me and my Dad share and so hopefully that one stands a better chance of becoming a reality.

That's just a brief highlight of the places I want to go but I can't help this feeling of wanderlust. Who knows, maybe one day I'll actually be able to satisfy it...


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