Tuesday, 7 October 2014

TV Review: Our Zoo

My dad and I are both Chester Zoo fanatics. We go several times a year and we like to think that we are both somewhat of an expert on the animals and how Chester Zoo started.

That was why I was delighted to find out that the BBC had commissioned a 6 part drama about the Zoo's history surrounding its founder George Mottershead. Of course with all things you look forward to there is a possibility of disappointment but I was thrilled to find that it exceeded my expectations.

'Our Zoo' is a light-hearted drama that tugs on the heart strings on occasion but also provides several laughs. The acting in this is superb and perhaps one of the greatest performers is Honor Kneafsey who plays young June Mottershead. She - along with the rest of the female actresses - I feel really adds a certain feel to the show, and stops it from just being about some mad man obsessed with animals.

'Our Zoo' is available on BBC IPlayer and the final episode of the six part series (episodes are an hour long) is airing tomorrow night! I can barely contain my excitement.


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