Friday, 3 October 2014

Who I Think Will Win Strictly

It's very simple really. I love strictly. A lot. And so I have recently been thinking about who my prediction is to win - my dad, mum and I have a sort of mini competition going, I have won the past two years and I am not planning on giving up now.

And this year my pick for the win in Frankie Sandford and her partner Kevin (from Grimsby). Now if you don't watch Strictly then you obviously won't care - and won't have got my reference before - but I felt like I had to share my prediction with the world - or at least the people who read my blog.


I think these two are going to win for many reasons.
 1) they're cute together, just look at the selfie below, I know they're both in relationships but they still look good together.
2) Frankie Sandford is going to be a good dancer, she dances at her concerts and she is in shape, also her first dance was great.
3) Kevin is likeable, and popular.

Basically the two of them are going to win, and if they don't I'm going to be slightly disappointed.



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