Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Great Escape: Part 2

You may remember that on Saturday I told you about the escape of my family's three horses. Well it seems that everyone it at it as at 4pm today my mum called me to tell me to get dressed into my riding gear because her friend's two horses were loose.

I was dreading it. We had heard terrible things about the younger of the two - who was sold as 5 but my mum and I are not so sure - and so we approached the two apprehensively.

Luckily for us the two got onto their lead reins a lot easier than ours did - although they had integrated themselves with someone else's herd - and so we managed to get them no problem. Walking them back was a different matter altogether though, the younger horse was skittish and seemed to skit at every little thing.

Here's to hoping that no one else decides it's time for a strange of scenery.


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