Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I absolutely hate being ill, especially when it is just a cold. People assume it is nothing and so have no sympathy for you when you just want to lie in bed and yet would much rather do that than anything else.

As you can probably guess I have been ill for the past couple of days - weekends are a horrible time to be ill - but I have been thinking about how to get over the cold/how to make the most of the time you spend doing nothing.

This seems like a really weird thing to recommend but I am recommending Lemsip cold and flu tablets, especially the ones that come with both day and night capsules. I took these for a couple of days and almost instantly felt better and I love the fact that they acknowledge the fact that you don't particularly want to be taking capsules that contain caffeine at night.

I also tend to read a lot, I have been getting a bit behind with my too be read pile but I enjoy reading when I'm ill, although it does tend to be books I've already read so that I don't have to concentrate too hard.

I also have been listening to this delightful cover of Hozier's 'Take Me To Church' by Ed Sheeran on repeat today and it definitely makes me feel better. I stick by the motto that good music is the secret to a good soul!


Monday, 29 September 2014

Film Review: What We Did On Our Holiday


When I walked into the cinema to watch 'What We Did On Our Holiday' I was quite looking forward to it. It looked like a feel-good family film with a quality cast (it stars Billy Connolly, David Tennant and Rosamund Pike) and of course it has to be good, it's directed by the same people who make outnumbered.

And indeed throughout the film several similarities between the film and outnumbered did appear. Three rowdy kids, two hapless parents with a difficult marriage and a story about coping with what you've got.

The film was great, however not so much the feel-good film I was expecting. There's a shock twist about half way through and the way the kids react to it is unexpected to say the least. I would definitely recommend the film (it is funny after all) although perhaps not to a younger audience as it isn't quite the family film you expect.

None the less 'What We Did On Our Holiday' is a quality British film that entertains and conveys a nice message. Family is family, no matter how annoying they might be.



Sunday, 28 September 2014


For some reason I have recently decided to put myself through the torture of reading travel blogs. I have always followed a couple but after discovering some great bloggers (and scrolling through their archives) I now have an intense sense of wanderlust.

Where for? About a thousand places, well okay maybe that's an exaggeration but there is a lot of places I want to go and I don't seem to have the time - or money - to go there.

Russia is a place I want to visit desperately. After reading several books set there and reading numerous blog posts about different destinations I really want to go. I think the historical background of it all and the architecture makes the place special.

I also want to visit New York City, I have visited America before (for Disneyland when I was seven, I'm not sure if it quite counts) and I really want to visit the 'Big Apple' no thanks to Love Taza's New York City Guide.


I also want to visit Mexico. That happens to be a dream both me and my Dad share and so hopefully that one stands a better chance of becoming a reality.

That's just a brief highlight of the places I want to go but I can't help this feeling of wanderlust. Who knows, maybe one day I'll actually be able to satisfy it...

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